Armed with a taste for the exquisite, over 16 years of combined experience and an innate passion for success, Creative Directors and Founders, Meryem Balodimos and Kathryne Panna came together to redefine the events space. 

Artistry & Events was born to blur the limits between events, experience and trend, for the fashion conscious client.

The aim of the game is to develop a sensory experience that travels deeper than than just the space your standing in, one that creates a memory, with next years trend featuring across every layer.

With this goal, every single element of the event comes together in perfect harmony, and with equal importance. A flower isn’t just a flower. It’s an opportunity to create a palette, a synergistic look that permeates a specific mood. It’s an art form among a greater whole. And it breeds its own style. 

This isn’t just about events. It’s about a unique mood and trend.

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